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Scandale: résolution de la Fédération de Russie sur les valeurs traditionnelles

Scandale: Le Conseil des Droits de l'Homme des Nations-Unies a adopté une résolution de la Fédération de Russie sur les "valeurs" traditionnelles alors que celles-ci sont la source principale de l'oppression des femmes dans le monde!

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About the UN Human Rights Council Adopting Russian Resolution Draft “Encouraging Human Rights and Main Human Freedoms through Deeper Understanding of Traditional Mankind Values: Best Practice”


27 September, by absolute majority of votes, the UN Human Rights Council adopted the resolution “Encouraging Human Rights and Main Human Freedoms through Deeper Understanding of Traditional Mankind Values: Best Practice” submitted by the Russian Federation. More than 60 countries became document co-authors, including, collectively – members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the League of Arab States.

The Resolution confirms thesis that understanding of and respect to traditional values encourages and facilitates protection of human rights and main human freedoms. Family, society and educational institutions play an important role in asserting these values. The states are addressed to strengthen this role.

Emphasizing connections between traditional values and human rights will ensure better understanding and recognition of human rights, and facilitate to strengthening trust and establishing international community dialogue.

In spite of position of Russia that is open to dialogue and cooperation, taking into account proposition of a number of states, there were states that voted against the draft (in particular, the USA and European Union). Negative position of these countries, their unwillingness to work at the text and fanciful arguments against the resolution draft cause regret.

We think that no state or group of states has the right to monopolize interpretation of human rights regulations. Attempts to advance one-dimensional interpretation under the guise of the versatile standard perilously tell on people’s attitude to the mere concept of human rights making it foreign for entire communities and population strata. On the other hand, human rights doctrine will only benefit if it absorbs elements of different cultures. It will become not only truly generally accepted.

The Russian Federation proceeds from the assumption that human rights must serve the instrument of consolidation, while the Human Rights Council, acting in a cooperative spirit, must use comprehensive approaches and focus on searching for certain solutions intended to ensure true omnitude of human rights. One of such decisions is strengthening understanding of interconnection between human rights and traditional values of the mankind. In this context, it is necessary to account cultural, civilizational, historic and religious peculiarities of communities and states.

The Russian Federation, together with the opinion allies, will continue promoting the idea of inseparable connection of human rights and traditional moral values in the Human Rights Council.


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