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La ségrégation sexuelle en Iran

L’Iran continue à interdire le stade aux femmes, la Fédération Internationale de Volley avait cru dans les promesses de Téhéran, comme avant elle d’autres Fédérations internationales qui continuent à organiser des compétions dans un pays qui pratique l’apartheid sexuel.

Dear Linda,

Yesterday marked the beginning of the first ever beach volleyball tournament hosted in Iran. Despite repeated promises from the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) that the ban on women attending matches would not be upheld – women were DENIED entry at the gates and intimidated by local officials.

A group of Iranian women traveled far, at great personal expense, all on the assurance from the FIVB that they would finally put an end to this blatant discrimination. However, when they tried to enter the stadium they were turned away by security.

The FIVB made a statement, saying that there was a “slight misunderstanding" with security personnel but that this has been "resolved".

Excuse our pessimism, but we’re growing tired of these empty promises. Unless this discriminatory ban is overturned, Iranian women who want to attend matches will continue to face great risks.

We have TWO more days left in the tournament, TWO more days to pressure the FIVB to let the women of Iran watch volleyball.

Help us achieve this by sharing our call to #Watch4Women on Twitter and Facebook.

Tweet the FIVB now!

Paste the message below on the FIVB’s Facebook page

Shame on you FIVB for failing the women of Iran, yet again. Let women attend the Kish Open in Iran. #Watch4Women bit.ly/1O3Mh6B

Stand with Human Rights Watch and the women of Iran. Visit http://www.hrw.org/watch4women to find out how you can pressure the FIVB to ban Iran from hosting until they stop banning women.

With much gratitude,
Minky Worden,
Director, Global Initiatives, Communications
Human Rights Watch

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